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NorthWest Steel Crafters makes some really cool cab guards/headache racks for your truck. You don’t have to have the same cab guard everyone else has. You can be the leader of the pack and stand out from everyone else. It is cool to be different! We manufacture Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Headache Racks With Cool Designs Laser Cut Scenes Backed By a heavy expanded metal screen, to protect you and your family from possible loose cargo. Our cab guards are all universal fit for all full size trucks. If you change trucks our cab guards/Headache racks will fit any brand of full size truck. We also build a mid-size version for the smaller trucks. They can be customized!! You can put your company name cut into them, or have a completely one of a kind personal design. Our brackets are designed to accept  bed rail mounted tool box’s. N.W.S.C. cab guards can hold up-to 800lbs. for carrying lumber, or other materials. They come with lumber stops, and L.E.D. cargo lights. They are great protection for the people in the truck, and add a lot of flair and style to your Rig!  The steel cab guards are a solid welded construction with a heavy industrial powder coat finish. All our cab guards have a cut out in them to allow for your cab light to shine through. So be different! You can pick from one of our cool designs, or create your own!

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