NorthWest Steel Crafters is the original designer of the off-set mud flap, so we know this product, and it’s need in the market place. This product was designed for the truck owners that have lifted trucks with oversized tires, and BushWaker style fender flairs. N.W.S.C. OFF-SET designs are made to give you more turning radios in the fender well for trucks with oversized tires, and to work well with fender flairs. The angles on the top brackets allow you to reach into the fender were you can still get a good bite on the fender well lip metal, and then have the mud flap stick out past the tires for the best coverage to protect the quarter panels of your truck, and give you that most needed tire clearance without rubbing your mud flaps with the tires.

N.W.S.C. off-set mud flaps kick back 1 1/2″ from the tire. The mud flaps are available in sizes 9″, 12″, and  14″ wide. The 9″ & 12″ fronts are vehicle specific, and the rear 14″ wide are universal Ford, Chevy, Dodge and come with black top brackets or stainless, and come standard with mirror finish stainless anchor weights. You can also order them with brushed stainless or gloss black stainless anchor weights or even upgrade the anchor weights to one of our scenery designs. Or have us build you, your own custom anchor weights for a original look no one else has. It’s cool to be different.

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