Hitch Mounted Flagpole Holders

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 With NorthWest Steel Crafters Hitch Mounted Flagpole Holders.These high-quality flagpole holders really make a statement and stand out in the crowd! Our Hitch Mounted Flagpole Holders have an artistic flair to them and are constructed of heavy-duty steel with a powder coat finish. These pole holders are a three-place design which allows you to carry up to three flags at a time. They come with an Allen Cap Bolt and Locking Jam Nut! which always keeps the flagpole tight in the holder. Plus! The Allen Cap Bolt keeps the honest man honest! Not too many thieves are walking around with an Allen wrench in their pockets to steal your flags.

*****WARNING NOTE*****

We do recommend you drill a hole through only one side of your flagpole for our bolt to go through! Drill a 3/8″ hole through only one side of the pole so the tightening bolt will go through flagpole and clamp on the inside of pole to keep it secured into the holder. If your flagpole is made of soft Aluminum or thin steel the locking bolt can indent the flagpole causing it to come loose. Especially when driving highway speeds. Wooden flagpoles should also be drilled halfway through for tightening bolt to securely hold flagpole, and always make sure your locking jam nut is set!


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