Bumpers Bow Tie


Bow Tie Bumper is a Heavy Duty Stylish After Market Bumper For All Chevrolet Trucks and SUV’s . Bow Tie Bumpers are manufactured from 11 gage steel. A all one piece welded bumper with flawless seems ground and polished to perfectly smooth corners and ends. This product is high quality craftmanship, and makes a huge statement of quality on your truck. Bow Tie Bumper is a great way to finish off that classic Chevy, or make your truck stand out in the crowd. North West Steel Crafters believes in being different! It is Cool to be different!!!
The Bumpers are available in Black Satin or Grey powder coat finish. You have four choices of face plates that bolt to the bumpers in that cool Bow Tie shape: Satin Black, Satin Silver Smooth, Diamond Plate Aluminum, and Aluminum Swirl Finish.
All bumpers come with an L.E.D light strip for the license plate, and the late model bumpers come with a trailer light receptacle wired for your standard four-way flat, and 7-way trailer light plugs, and late model bumpers have holes for back-up sensors.
Every bumper allows you to have access to your spare tire guide tube to winch spare tire up and down. To access your spare tire guide tube, you loosen one bolt on the right side face plate and swivel it down exposing a whole in the bumper to access spare tire crank.
Hardware: Most of the bumpers come with brackets and hardware to mount bumper. 1988 to 2007 use pre-existing factory brackets.
Bumper shape: Early model bumpers come with the ends parallel to each other. Late model trucks have an option: You can decide to have the ends of bumper Parallel or Symmetrical.

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