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NorthWest Steel Crafters mud flap products are manufactured from the best materials, and designed to stand up to the worst foul weather, and harshest road conditions. Our mud flap material was exclusively designed to our specifications. The material is called TreadFast Rubber, it is rigged but flexible, it will not crack in extreme cold conditions or curl up in extreme heat. It is also 3/8” thick with a scratch resistant mat finish on the front, and watershed grooves on the back to shed water away, and cut down on highway spray. Our hardware and anchor weights are 304L stainless steel. So they will not rust and stay looking good for many years. N.W.S.C. powder coated brackets, start out 304L stainless steel sheet metal. Then are sent through  our graining machine to clean and rough up the surface to give the powder coat a good surface to adhere to. Then we powder coat them at 450 degrees for 20 minutes. Then we apply a high gloss plastic clear coat over the powder coat paint, and bake them again at 450 degrees for 20 minutes for a beautiful look and incredibly durable finish. N.W.S.C. takes the quality of our products very seriously. When you buy from N.W.S.C. YOU CAN COUNT ON RECEIVING A QUALITY FINISHED PRODUCT!

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