No Drill Brackets for Ford

Due to the creation of the new aluminum body trucks by Ford. Installing a mud flap to the fender well lip of the 2015-Current F150, and 2017-Current F250, IS NOT RECOMENDED!

The aluminum fender well lip is to soft for the sheet metal screws, and if you were to use steel fasteners on a aluminum body you will cause  corrosion. Steel and aluminum together will cause a electrolysis chemical decomposition that can corrode the paint off your truck.

N.W.S.C. has designed easy to install mud flap brackets for your aluminum truck. Our brackets are made of 18ga. stainless steel, so there will be no corrosion. The brackets use existing bolt holes in the truck body, so there is NO DRILLING required. Just three bolts to install, and now you have a flat surface to bolt any mud flap to, Another great product by N.W.S.C.

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